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Join Us !

There are lots of ways to be a part of the eclipse!


Support the Event:

Donations for event supplies, including the purchase of solar eclipse glasses is appreciated, as the whole community is joining together on this endeavor.   This is vital to creating a safe and memorable experience for all coming to our fine city to live the moment. 

We welcome donations of any size to support the festival of events.  Funds will be used for website promotion listing events, solar eclipse glasses, event setup, and the initial cost of eclipse memorabilia, as well as portable restroom rentals, event tents, fencing, etc.  We are a nonprofit organization and wish for this endeavor to benefit Geneva as a whole and all of its small businesses, entrepreneurs, departments and nonprofits.  Any event proceeds will go towards nonprofit endeavors to directly aid Geneva.

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Promote your Business:

To become a part of this amazing opportunity to promote your business in the long and short term, fill out the form below.  Advertise your business, organization and events at no cost on local, regional and national websites, throughout social media and in-print media, as well as in business cards with QR codes connecting to the website and posters to be distributed around Geneva.  Ads will appear on our Festival Information tab on this website under the most fitting category/categories.  


Send us your information to spread the word.  In addition to filling out the form below, it is advisable to send two photos to help us advertise for you.  Please click the link below to email us, attaching the files.  These two easy steps complete your submission.  Those with information and pictures on our site should receive more business on the eclipse weekend than those that do not.  Thanks for joining us!

Fill out to be included in the
Embrace the Dark Festival:
Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for joining us - you should hear from us shortly.

Upload two photos.

Connect with Other Stakeholders:

Eclipse stakeholders are simply those that have a stake in the event, meaning they are involved and are hoping to make a difference in some way, either by providing services, donating supplies or funding, expanding their business sales, promoting future tourism, etc.

If you wish to connect with others that are involved locally, head to  Click on Geneva,

New York and apply for access to the site, and should hear back within 24 hours.

Join the Geneva Solar Eclipse 2024 Task Force

If you are serious about being involved in the city-wide planning of the Embrace the Dark festival of events, email us to request attendance at our monthly meetings.  Our meetings involve events, infrastructure, traffic, eclipse and future tourism, parking, emergency planning, advertising, safety, merchandise, marketing, logistics, media coverage, joining businesses and organizations in collaborations and assuring the best experience possible for all involved.

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